4 Literary Gifts Your Book Lover Friend Will Enjoy

Literary Gifts

Finding that perfect gift for your special someone is not easy. Whether it’s a loved one or co-worker, the process can be daunting. Book lovers are no exception. Bookish gift ideas range from the mundane bookmark to the extravagant collector’s edition. The perfect gift will blend with their lifestyle. But where to start? The latest hardcover from their favorite author is the obvious choice. But that’s boring. A gift card for their go-to bookstore is the easy way out. But gift cards say “I didn’t forget about you, but I didn’t take the time to put forth any effort.” Why not try something a little more creative? Surprise that book lover in your life with something a little more original. Find a unique gift for that special literary geek. Check out these four literary gifts for your book lover.

Reading Light

Personal book lights allow the reader to enjoy that last chapter anywhere without disturbing others. The reading light market is always evolving. Companies produce innovative designs to make personal reading a snap, literally. Snap-on lights are popular but have morphed into the “vanilla” of lighting options. Book lamps with lighted “pages” are more creative and give off soft light to read anywhere. Travel models are also available. So, even when camping at the lake, they’ll have plenty of light. Snake-type lights that hang around the neck and shoulders provide the reader the freedom to use their hands without redirecting the light.


Bookends combine function and decor to produce a great shelf accent for any book lover. They’ll help any disheveled bookshelf look nice and tidy. Serious readers are anal retentive with their prized possessions. Bookends keep books on their edges, prevent curled pages, and protect the spines. Pick a theme that complements the reader’s living space and personality. Artistic design is what makes these gifts appealing. Do you want dragons? They have dragons. Do you want crystal balls? Yep, they make those, too.

Bathtub Book Caddy

Bathtub caddies provide a practical way for readers who want peace and quiet with a good hot soak. These nifty tools come equipped with a bookstand that supports e-readers, as well. Options vary between models, so it’s the “bells and whistles” that set them apart. Almost all caddies provide cup holders. If your book lover likes a glass of Shiraz with their steam bath, many styles offer secure slots for stemmed glassware. Bath book caddies are perfect for that person who wants that “Calgon, Take Me Away” feeling.

High-Quality Teas

If your bathtub caddy-loving friend is a tea toddler, invest in some high-quality loose leaf. Nothing goes better with a good book than a nice cup of tea and a warm blanket. Tea relaxes and creates a soothing atmosphere that no bibliophile should be without. A good cup of tea will keep them in the mood to spend a page-turning evening that will last long beyond their bedtime. They’ll keep telling themselves, “Just one more chapter.”

The right gift shows you care. Your book-loving friend will think of you through every adventure.

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