5 Book Lover Gift Ideas For The Holidays

5 Book Lover Gift Ideas For The Holidays

The holidays allow you to give gifts to everyone that you care for and show them that you recognize the special features that make them who they truly are. A good book is always a fantastic gift, but for book lovers, you risk buying them a book they have already enjoyed. This holiday season get fun and festive with your gifts that will make your book lover friend feel loved all year-round.

Book Lover’s Old Books Candle

Ask any avid reader or book lover in general and they will tell you one of the main reasons they love books is because of the smell. The sweet and papery scent is comforting and evokes a powerful sensation to go curl up with a book and read through fascinating pages of stories. This book lovers’ soy candle, Old Books, is a unique and thoughtful gift that will melt the hearts of all recipients.

100 Books Scratch Off Poster

We are competitive and visual human beings who love to show the world our accomplishments. This book scratch off poster features 100 iconic book titles that you can scratch off as you read them. Each title reveals artwork underneath for an eye-catching masterpiece one you have completed the list. This is an interactive way for any bookworm to enjoy reading classic novels like Wuthering Heights and Animal Farm.

Hummingbird Bookends

As long as there are book lovers in the world, bookends will never go out of style. Bookends tell a story just like the books they are holding do. These hummingbird bookends are beautiful, whimsical and completely perfect for any room in a home that displays an authentic collection. This gift is one of the many well-designed bookends that are excellent pieces of modern décor, as well as keeping precious books in order. There are thousands of bookend designs, but these present themselves with a certain amount of class every home will love.

Bookish Lunch Box

Devouring classic literature goes to a whole new level with these disguised lunchboxes. Designed to look like a book but made to carry food, this gift will be a hit with any book lover. This fun gift allows bookworms of all sorts to really enjoy classic literature at lunchtime and may even spark conversation with fellow bookworms!

Pocket Journal Gift Set

After reading a good book, many people are inspired to write down their thoughts and feelings. If you know a book lover who is busting at the seams with novel ideas, this pocket journal gift set is meant for them. Designed in luscious colors, these notebooks are fun, functional and fabulous for energized readers and writers.

Whether it’s a delicious candle smelling like old books, a pair of elegant bookends, a poster, lunchbox or journal set, your book-loving buddy will be thrilled that you thought of them and their creative hobbies. There are tons of other gift ideas such as necklaces, tote bags, and bookmarks but the five gifts listed above are definitely as interesting and unique as the people you are giving them to.


And if you’re looking for other great gifts for book lovers, don’t forget to check out my creative reading inspired gifts at Book Lover’s Lark!

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