5 DIY Gifts For Bookworms – Great For Holidays!

DIY Gifts For Bookworms

With the holidays right around the corner, this is the time to start thinking about the perfect gifts for all your friends, family, and other loved ones.

This can be quite challenging, especially if you’re working around a budget. Instead of crowded malls, overpriced gift shops and endless online shopping choices, how about personalized handmade gifts?

5 wonderful DIY gift ideas for bookworms

These won’t be tossed in the closet with the rest of the last minute gifts they receive this year.

  1. Handmade Bookmarks! Wait, I know this probably sounds cliche, but unlike a store-bought bookmark, making one yourself allows you to customize each one in a way that your bookworm will truly appreciate. The choices are endless, crocheted, leather, braided, wood etc.
  2. Book bags! This would be an ideal gift for any bookworm. After all, they do have to carry all those books somehow! If you have even the most basic skills on the sewing machine this is the DIY option for you. Creating a bag might sound intimidating but it’s actually really simple and gives you so many ways to customize your gift! There’s even material with book-related patterns if you’re willing to look for it (Upcycled denim makes a great, eco-friendly option) and lots of free patterns available online and in books from your local library.
  3. Waterproof book covers! This is another sewing friendly project but this time hand sewing should be more than adequate. A bookworm is likely to take a book with them everywhere they go, including the beach or the swimming pool. Anytime you take a book near a body of water you run the risk of it getting wet and possibly ruined. This is where these wonderful covers come in handy! You can make them out of oilcloth or vinyl in whatever colors or patterns strike your imagination at the moment and they’re so simple to sew that you may be inspired to make one for everyone on your Holiday list.
  4. DIY Journal! This one requires no sewing (unless of course, you want to make a quilted cover or something) and is bound to thrill your Bookworm. You can make one of these out of virtually anything you want and each cover is completely customizable! You could put their favorite book quote on the front or maybe a picture of their adorable pet! You could even customize the pages within it by staining them with tea to make them look old or stamping something cute in the corners. If you’re artistic at all then the sky is really the limit with this wonderful gift idea!
  5. Reading Travel Pillow! This is another sewing project but it’s not a difficult one! This fun gift is highly customizable and sure to thrill any traveling bookworms in your life. This great little gift is a soft pillow, with a large pocket built into the front of it where you can then put everything your bookworm could ever need when reading on the go inside it! This could include a new Holiday book to read, a clip-on light, a bookmark (or several if this particular bookworm is prone to losing them), a waterproof cover and if they’re tea drinkers it would be the perfect spot to store some packages of their favorite tea bags as well.

Hopefully, these 5 DIY ideas will inspire you to get crafty and save your pocketbook in the process.

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