6 Unique Holiday Gifts for Book Lovers

Holiday Gifts For Book Lovers

The Holiday Season is right around the corner. Though you would think it had arrived by the wintery decorations popping up in stores. It is never too early to start thinking about the people on your list. You know that one book lover in your circle of friends? They were your secret Santa last year and bought you something amazing. Remember? Now it is time to repay the favor.

Book lovers can always use anything book related. They may want the latest hardcover from their favorite author. But why not get them something unique that they’ll die for this holiday season? Find them that one bookish gift that will up the ante.

Here are six unique bookish holiday gifts for that bookworm on your list.

Audiobook Subscriptions

Finding time to read can be hard. Let them chip away at their TBR lists on audio. This great gift gives your book lover a year’s worth of downloads. The next best thing to diving into the latest New York Times bestseller is listening to it. Listening to their newest book will allow them to face their book addiction hands-free. Get them a Holiday gift that will last all year. They’ll listen while driving, doing housework, or working out at the gym.

Fun Bookshelves

Avid readers are always short on two things: more books and someplace to keep them. TBR lists often need their own private space. Standard bookshelves can take up some prime real estate in someone’s home. Interesting bookshelves mount to any wall. There are hundreds of unique styles to match the book lover’s personality. Many double as art pieces. Try floating or invisible designs for that person who needs floor space.

Signed 1st Editions

For the diehard book nerd, a signed First Edition from their favorite author will make them tingle inside. A good used bookshop will have a back room filled with special edition books. If perusing shelves for a mint-condition copy of The Grapes of Wrath is not your style, do a quick online search.  Many independent bookshop or sites like eBay or Amazon make it easy.

Vintage Typewriter

Many book lovers like to write. Or at least dream of writing their own story. If your bookworm has that urge to write tales of their own or keeps a daily journal, get them a gift they won’t forget. What would put them in the mood more than a vintage typewriter? Nothing says “I’m a writer” as one of these old-school beasts. It drips with imagination. Besides, they won’t get distracted by junk emails or Facebook updates while banging away at the keys.

Magazine Serials

Before e-books and self-publishing were the rage, magazines released novels chapter by chapter.  Hunt down back issues of LIFE, ESQUIRE, or KEN. Find their favorite novel in serial form. They will love reading their favorite classics in a new way. This unique gift will stand out from the crowd.

Personalized Page Embosser

This will make any book lover feel special. Customize the design. They won’t have to worry about loaning out their favorite reads. They’ll sleep easier knowing that their books will be safely returned to “Rachel’s Private Library Collection”.

Make your gift stand out this holiday season with Book Lover’s Lark gifts!

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