About Book Lover’s Lark

Jan Morrison, Artist

How Book Lover’s Lark came to be, in the words of the artist

Book Lover’s Lark was dreamed up by an art teacher who grew up in the breathtaking state of Michigan. Surrounded by lakes, she gains inspiration from being able to see the many moods of the water at any given time. When she’s not busy creating, she immerses herself in all that Northern Michigan has to offer, taking all this influence and applying it to her work.

The “aha” moment

Book Lover’s Lark was born because it was something I wanted for myself! I wanted a stand-up calendar that didn’t take up too much space, and I didn’t want to have to see an advertisement every time I looked at it. So I created one that was just what I was looking for. Once friends started to notice it, they’d ask me for one, and the project just grew organically from there.

The idea

I knew I wanted to incorporate my love of reading into the calendars. Reading is something that feeds your soul, can be done anywhere, anytime, and enriches your life. Each print I paint for my Book Lover’s Lark products is accompanied by a quote from a book or about the joy of reading.

The hope

My hope is that my products will be more than just a calendar, or note card, or bookmark. My hope is that they will provide a quiet moment for people, to steal all to themselves, to fill that moment with color, and allow them to take pause.

Wishing you many moments of tranquility,