Fun Book Lover Posters With Inspirational Quotes

Fun Book Lover Posters With Inspirational Quotes

Whether it’s a huge promotional campaign or décor for your home, posters are everywhere. You choose to display posters in your home that represent everything that you are and the things you love. Book lovers everywhere love posters with inspirational quotes, but why? What is it about quotes that we find so inspiring and motivational? Many studies show that people love quotes for a psychological reason; they confirm what you already know. The quotes you’re attracted to are defining the type of person you want to be. A fact that many internet users do not know, is that the quotes they are sharing come from books.

Book lovers discover some of the best inspirational quotes. When you find a message that speaks to your heart, you want to display it for the world to see and as a reminder to yourself. We have researched fun, inspirational posters that book lovers will cherish and enjoy displaying. Some of these even make the perfect gifts for book lovers.

Alice in Wonderland – “We’re All Mad Here”

This expressive quote is featured on thousands of posters with different backgrounds and settings, but the meaning is all the same. These four words pack a powerful punch for children and adult. Any Alice in Wonderland fan knows how inspirational the entire book is; this quote is simply telling everyone to be who they are, no matter how “different” they are. If they are not accepted as “normal” in our world, then it’s alright!

Wizard of Oz – “All you need is confidence in yourself. There is no living thing that is not afraid when it faces danger.”

Who better to inspire you about having courage than the great and powerful Oz? Wizard of Oz posters present a variety of beautiful details and is a classic favorite for all. The Cowardly Lion can teach us a lot about life, “I Think I Can! I Think I Can!” It takes courage to face fear, but it takes even more determination to beat your inner demons. Confidence is key, and that is something all book lovers want to remind their friends and family about.

Ballet Shoes – “It was all very well to be ambitious, but ambition should not kill the nice qualities in you.”

Ballet Shoes is an incredible book by Noel Streatfeild that teaches everyone the lesson of no matter what you have – money, riches, or even ambition; it does not give you the right to lose your kindness. You may be ambitious and strong-willed, but that determination cannot overpower your benevolence.

Anne Frank – “Think of all the beauty still left around you and be happy.”

The collection of Anne Frank’s stories continues to touch the hearts of everyone in the world. Her life story influences young women and gives them perspective into horrible times. After reading her story and knowing her background, book lovers will agree that to see a quote like this one displayed for the world is breathtaking.

Book Lover’s Lark – Reading Inspired Poster

Spruce up your wall, fridge, or bulletin board with this colorful collection or 12 original drawings featuring favorite places to crack a book open. Featuring a collage of 12 original drawings.


There are dozens of fun posters with inspirational quotes. All books provide a great message. It’s up to you to choose which best fits your lifestyle! Fun posters like the ones mentioned above can be found at,, or you can even create your own on websites like or Vistaprint!

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