How To Make A Mini Watercolor Desk Calendar (DIY Craft)

How To Make A Mini Watercolor Desk Calendar (DIY Craft)

Watercolors create a vibrant splash wherever they are displayed. Why not add some of that glorious color to your day and desk? Creating a mini watercolor desk calendar is simple and satisfying and instantly beautifies your workstation or even your kitchen counter. Creating a mini watercolor desk calendar is super easy and extremely versatile. It helps if you’re a great watercolor painter and know your way around a sketchpad and pencil, but it is definitely not necessary skills to create a perfect mini watercolor desk calendar.

We have found the simplest way to make a mini watercolor desk calendar using straightforward materials. When painting with watercolors, it’s important to use high-quality paint and paper, but professional-grade materials are not always necessary when creating art. Below is how you can create a personalized mini watercolor desk calendar in a little amount of time.

Steps For A DIY Watercolor Desk Calendar

  1. Find a poster board or any object with similar qualities fitting the size you desire for a mini desk calendar.
  2. Use washi tape to outline a calendar grid; seven boxes across from weekdays and five boxes down for weeks.
  3. Using your color choice, drop a watercolor tablet, or multiple colored tablets, into a spray bottle and shake with warm water.
  4. Spray your creation of colors onto the poster board!
  5. Once you have allowed the masterpiece to dry, remove the tape and fill-in the mini desk calendar details. Include items like the Month, days of the week, days and important dates and events to remember.
  6. Repeat these steps for each month of the year.
  7. To finish the product, you can put a frame around the mini calendar or you can add a cardboard stand that will make it prop on your desk.

Allow these steps say to spray the colors on the poster board; you can easily adjust the way you add watercolor to your mini desk calendar. You can hand-paint the calendar, brush lightly or use your own creative design.

Creating a mini watercolor desk calendar provides an array of opportunities to show your creativity. It also allows children to interact in a fun activity and let their personalities shine. Making these handy mini calendars is also therapeutic; it’s relaxing to watch the watercolors spread and spray and see your artwork come to life.

There are a variety of watercolor options for a mini desk calendar. Plus, the vibrancy of the colors is breathtaking and soothing. Aside from the magnificent color selection, watercolor is also forgiving of mistakes and reusable when on a pallet. The drying process is fast, and the colors have no odor, making it a perfect selection for a mini desk calendar. No one wants to smell paint while sitting all day!

There are multiple ways to create a mini desk calendar that fits your style and personality. The steps listed above are simple and use easy materials fit for a fun activity. You can even personalize your calendar even further by providing motivating and inspiring quotes. The options are truly endless!

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