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Top 10 Unique Gifts for Book Lovers

Top 10 Unique Gifts for Book Lovers

The perfect gift for a book lover is, of course, another book to add to their collection. It’s hard to know their favorite and what they already have. Are you stumped on the perfect gift for your book-loving friend or family member? Don’t worry; we have 10 unique gifts for all book lovers!

1. Personalized Bookmarks
Customized bookmarks are a must for any book lover. Taken away and tucked inside your favorite book is a personal piece of you. Bookmarks are compact and convenient for all occasions. This gift is simple but will cause your recipient to jump with joy!

5 Book Lover Gift Ideas For The Holidays

5 Book Lover Gift Ideas For The Holidays

The holidays allow you to give gifts to everyone that you care for and show them that you recognize the special features that make them who they truly are. A good book is always a fantastic gift, but for book lovers, you risk buying them a book they have already enjoyed. This holiday season get fun and festive with your gifts that will make your book lover friend feel loved all year-round.

Book Lover’s Old Books Candle

Ask any avid reader or book lover in general and they will tell you one of the main reasons they love books is because of the smell. The sweet and papery scent is comforting and evokes a powerful sensation to go curl up with a book and read through fascinating pages of stories. This book lovers’ soy candle, Old Books, is a unique and thoughtful gift that will melt the hearts of all recipients.

Jans Journal, The Third Eye

Jan’s Journal: “The Third Eye” Creative Vision

I’ve been laughed at for my definition of the word, “creativity.” They say the way I define it is too broad because it means everything is creative. The word “creative has been so commercialized that its true meaning has been deadened. I am going to use the word “imagination” because it is just a bit too long to have been over used. Both words are interchangeable for my defining explanation.

We all have met people who have never made art in any form, yet, their interpretation of how they live and see things place them as “artists of living”. I have always believed that the car we drive, the clothes we wear, how we cook and almost everything can be boiled down to that moment when the idea of such was imagined. Engineers and scientists are imaginative when they invent or solve problems. Teachers know that the student who asks all kinds of questions have that intellectual curiosity which is the foundation of imagination. To create is to have the”third eye.”

How To Make A Mini Watercolor Desk Calendar (DIY Craft)

How To Make A Mini Watercolor Desk Calendar (DIY Craft)

Watercolors create a vibrant splash wherever they are displayed. Why not add some of that glorious color to your day and desk? Creating a mini watercolor desk calendar is simple and satisfying and instantly beautifies your workstation or even your kitchen counter. Creating a mini watercolor desk calendar is super easy and extremely versatile. It helps if you’re a great watercolor painter and know your way around a sketchpad and pencil, but it is definitely not necessary skills to create a perfect mini watercolor desk calendar.

We have found the simplest way to make a mini watercolor desk calendar using straightforward materials. When painting with watercolors, it’s important to use high-quality paint and paper, but professional-grade materials are not always necessary when creating art. Below is how you can create a personalized mini watercolor desk calendar in a little amount of time.

Reading Inspired Gifts Creative Mini Desk Calendars

Reading Inspired Gifts: Creative Mini Desk Calendars

A survey published on U.S. News and World Reports found that American workers spend roughly 13 hours a day sitting. That is 86 percent of American workers who probably have a desk job. With so much time spent at a desk, it’s safe to assume that people want to decorate their space accordingly. A calendar is a must-have for all desks and for people who love to read, there are several creative min desk calendar options available to keep you reading all year long.

7 Reading Inspired Quotes From Famous Authors

7 Reading Inspired Quotes From Famous Authors

In times where digital content and social media is king, sitting down to relish in a good book can be more than challenging. We often become so absorbed in our busy lifestyles that we forget why reading is so important. Reading is the fuel we need to help develop our minds and language skills, as well as boost our imagination and creativity. As active people, we forget that the greatest pleasures come from what we read. In honor of keeping reading alive, we have collected seven inspiring quotes about reading by famous authors themselves.

12 Inspirational Book Lover Quotes To Brighten Your Day

12 Inspirational Book Lover Quotes To Brighten Your Day

If you are always reading a good book and love to read, then these are for you. I have taken 12 of some of my most favorite quotes from notable authors and public figures and wanted to share these with you. These authors, writers, and creative thinkers know that reading is a magical experience and it is a good feeling to share with others. You can find other inspirational quotes within the fun book lover gifts I have created. So, if you’re looking for some of the best inspirational and heartwarming book lover quotes, check out the list below!

Summertime Reading - Book Lover's Lark

Thoughts On Summer Reading

Ever wonder why in May, June, and July, so many magazines and T.V. spots feature “New Summer Reads”? This seems to be a media tradition. To each for an answer, I started with the definition of “tradition. It generally means “an inherited pattern of thought or action, or “a specific practice of longstanding custom”. The better answer to the question of why summer reading and not fall, winter, spring reading also, is to look at the Latin origin of the root meaning the word,tradition”. In 1382, the Latin origin of the word “tradition,” a part of the word was rooted in the word”surrender.” Most would say that this means to give up or give in. Giving in is the what I”d like to tag on to “summer reads.” Here is what we “give into” for a summer read. We mostly bring paperbacks to the beach because we “give in”to the facts that there will be sand and suntan lotion that might taint the book.

Jan Morrison's Art Studio, Northern Michigan - Book Lover's Lark

A Look Into My Studio

My art studio is where all of the fun and creativity happens for Book Lover’s Lark. There is a lot of passion and thought put into each drawing that goes into each product I create and I am happy to share this experience with all of you. My home studio is full of easels, pencils, watercolors, brushes, various art supplies, and lots of coffee. You can see some of the different areas where I work by viewing the pictures below.