2019 Small Desk Calendar with Reading Inspired Quotes


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Enjoy this perfectly sized desk calendar all year long! Each month has an original drawing and quote for the book lover in you (or your life). The colorful and delightful illustrations will brighten up your desk or counter. The quotes about books will inspire you to steal away a few moments just for yourself. Makes a great gift!

This small desk calendar gift for book lovers is 5.25” x 7” in size.

Artistic desk calendar for book lovers featuring beautiful drawings, watercolor prints, and reading inspired quotes. We create gifts for book lovers that inspire little moments of tranquility. Each product includes a quote about books or reading and original artwork.

Here’s What’s Inside!

2019 Reading Inspired Desk Calendar 32019 Reading Inspired Desk Calendar 42019 Reading Inspired Desk Calendar 52019 Reading Inspired Desk Calendar 6


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