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A survey published on U.S. News and World Reports found that American workers spend roughly 13 hours a day sitting. That is 86 percent of American workers who probably have a desk job. With so much time spent at a desk, it’s safe to assume that people want to decorate their space accordingly. A calendar is a must-have for all desks and for people who love to read, there are several creative min desk calendar options available to keep you reading all year long.

365 New Words Desk Calendar

This particular calendar is not a book and does not possess book quotes. Instead, it offers something a little different. With the 365 New Words desk calendar you and your coworkers can learn a new word every day. Expand your vocabulary and make it a challenge to use your new word in a sentence. This calendar is essential for word lovers, writers, and readers and definitely comes in handy when playing Scrabble or Words-With-Friends.

Ladies of Literature

The Ladies of Literature calendar features 12 months of poetry and philosophy from leading ladies of history. Jane Austen, Maya Angelou, Emily Dickenson, Virginia Woolf, J.K Rowling and more will be on your desk every day and month to inspire you with a famous quote and hand painted portrait. This creative desk calendar is unique and truly appreciated by readers who idolize these important women of history.

Coloring Day-to-Day Calendar

Each day, take a break from your heavy workload and color a beautiful illustration on your mini desk calendar from one of five amazing books – Lost Ocean, Enchanted Forest, Secret Garden, Magical Jungle and Johanna’s Christmas. This is an amazing way to relax during the day and to add personal charm to your desk with your own color creations. This is not a post-it style calendar so the pages turn freely and can easily be maneuvered for better coloring!

Book Lover’s Calendar

Every night should be spent with a book. This calendar provides reassurance to all its users that books are a necessity and should be adored daily, monthly and yearly! This calendar features hundreds of recommendations for readers of all obsessions and interest. This is a mini desk calendar that will keep your mind engages and spark conversation among others who are interested in reading. For bookworms everywhere, this is a must-have desk calendar!

Whether you chose to buy one of these great mini desk calendars or you opt to create your own, every person who sits at a desk needs a calendar they can scribble on and get inspiration from. Desk calendars are put in a particular place for easy access and can easily be an item that catches the eye. We’ve gone down the rabbit hole and discovered the best reading inspired mini desk calendars that are ideal for every countertop!

Research has proven that people spend a ridiculous amount of time at their desk. Why not make the minutes count by educating yourself with new words, inspiring quotes and unique book recommendations from people all over the world!

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