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5 Book Lover Gift Ideas For The Holidays

5 Book Lover Gift Ideas For The Holidays

The holidays allow you to give gifts to everyone that you care for and show them that you recognize the special features that make them who they truly are. A good book is always a fantastic gift, but for book lovers, you risk buying them a book they have already enjoyed. This holiday season get fun and festive with your gifts that will make your book lover friend feel loved all year-round.

Book Lover’s Old Books Candle

Ask any avid reader or book lover in general and they will tell you one of the main reasons they love books is because of the smell. The sweet and papery scent is comforting and evokes a powerful sensation to go curl up with a book and read through fascinating pages of stories. This book lovers’ soy candle, Old Books, is a unique and thoughtful gift that will melt the hearts of all recipients.

Reading Inspired Gifts Creative Mini Desk Calendars

Reading Inspired Gifts: Creative Mini Desk Calendars

A survey published on U.S. News and World Reports found that American workers spend roughly 13 hours a day sitting. That is 86 percent of American workers who probably have a desk job. With so much time spent at a desk, it’s safe to assume that people want to decorate their space accordingly. A calendar is a must-have for all desks and for people who love to read, there are several creative min desk calendar options available to keep you reading all year long.