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Jans Journal, The Third Eye

Jan’s Journal: “The Third Eye” Creative Vision

I’ve been laughed at for my definition of the word, “creativity.” They say the way I define it is too broad because it means everything is creative. The word “creative has been so commercialized that its true meaning has been deadened. I am going to use the word “imagination” because it is just a bit too long to have been over used. Both words are interchangeable for my defining explanation.

We all have met people who have never made art in any form, yet, their interpretation of how they live and see things place them as “artists of living”. I have always believed that the car we drive, the clothes we wear, how we cook and almost everything can be boiled down to that moment when the idea of such was imagined. Engineers and scientists are imaginative when they invent or solve problems. Teachers know that the student who asks all kinds of questions have that intellectual curiosity which is the foundation of imagination. To create is to have the”third eye.”