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DIY Gifts For Bookworms

5 DIY Gifts For Bookworms – Great For Holidays!

With the holidays right around the corner, this is the time to start thinking about the perfect gifts for all your friends, family, and other loved ones.

This can be quite challenging, especially if you’re working around a budget. Instead of crowded malls, overpriced gift shops and endless online shopping choices, how about personalized handmade gifts?

Here are some wonderful DIY Gift Ideas for the bookworms in your life. These won’t be tossed in the closet with the rest of the last minute gifts they receive this year.

Top 10 Unique Gifts for Book Lovers

Top 10 Unique Gifts for Book Lovers

The perfect gift for a book lover is, of course, another book to add to their collection. It’s hard to know their favorite and what they already have. Are you stumped on the perfect gift for your book-loving friend or family member? Don’t worry; we have 10 unique gifts for all book lovers!

1. Personalized Bookmarks
Customized bookmarks are a must for any book lover. Taken away and tucked inside your favorite book is a personal piece of you. Bookmarks are compact and convenient for all occasions. This gift is simple but will cause your recipient to jump with joy!

5 Book Lover Gift Ideas For The Holidays

5 Book Lover Gift Ideas For The Holidays

The holidays allow you to give gifts to everyone that you care for and show them that you recognize the special features that make them who they truly are. A good book is always a fantastic gift, but for book lovers, you risk buying them a book they have already enjoyed. This holiday season get fun and festive with your gifts that will make your book lover friend feel loved all year-round.

Book Lover’s Old Books Candle

Ask any avid reader or book lover in general and they will tell you one of the main reasons they love books is because of the smell. The sweet and papery scent is comforting and evokes a powerful sensation to go curl up with a book and read through fascinating pages of stories. This book lovers’ soy candle, Old Books, is a unique and thoughtful gift that will melt the hearts of all recipients.