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Ever wonder why in May, June, and July, so many magazines and T.V. spots feature “New Summer Reads”? This seems to be a media tradition. To each for an answer, I started with the definition of “tradition. It generally means “an inherited pattern of thought or action, or “a specific practice of longstanding custom”. The better answer to the question of why summer reading and not fall, winter, spring reading also, is to look at the Latin origin of the root meaning the word,tradition”. In 1382, the Latin origin of the word “tradition,” a part of the word was rooted in the word”surrender.” Most would say that this means to give up or give in. Giving in is the what I”d like to tag on to “summer reads.” Here is what we “give into” for a summer read. We mostly bring paperbacks to the beach because we “give in”to the facts that there will be sand and suntan lotion that might taint the book.

Subject wise, it has to have a depths of character and plot, but not too deep that you can’t be distracted for a few minutes by the beach scene and wave action. It has to be easy to pick up the thread of the story and refocus on that chapter. Summer reads allow us to saturate ourselves with good stories that are solid and not top heavy with a trigonometry format of complexes of plot and character. A good beach read has things in it that we can relate to our own lives in some way. It can be about almost anything as long as it is told in an engaging style. A shopping trip could be hilariously funny or a turning point in a character’s life. So go ahead, enjoy that relaxing summer read with the warmth penetrating you bone and the sound effects of waves crashing on the sand. Surrender to that most pleasant summer read mental getaway!

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