Top 10 Unique Gifts for Book Lovers

Top 10 Unique Gifts for Book Lovers

The perfect gift for a book lover is, of course, another book to add to their collection. It’s hard to know their favorite and what they already have. Are you stumped on the perfect gift for your book-loving friend or family member? Don’t worry; we have 10 unique gifts for all book lovers!

  1. Personalized Bookmarks

Customized bookmarks are a must for any book lover. Taken away and tucked inside your favorite book is a personal piece of you. Bookmarks are compact and convenient for all occasions. This gift is simple but will cause your recipient to jump with joy!

  1. Books Fleece Blanket

Who loves cuddling on the sofa with a good book? Book lovers will be amazed at this unique and gorgeous fleece blanket, plus they will have a blanket dedicated to their reading time! The design on this blanket is very eye-catching and guaranteed more friends will want a blanket like this!

  1. Folded Book Art

Handmade with any word of choice is a beautiful folded book perfect for decorating any room. You may be a book lover who hates folding down the corners of books, but for this work of art, we bet you’ll make an exception! Book folding is truly a work of art that times dedication, time and lots of skill. Unlike papercutting, the pages of these books are only folders so that the original book remains readable – a two-in-one gift!

  1. Artistic Poster

Where do you like to read? This poster displays 12 original drawings featuring all your favorite places to sit down and enjoy a good book. A comfy sofa, the bed, the patio, the beach, and even an airplane. This is creative and really tells a story about book lovers.

  1. Framed Book Prints

Popular, creative sites such as Etsy feature framed prints with famous quotes from authors. The background of the print looks like chapters of a book in tiny lettering and in big, bold lettering a quote will appear. Quotes from Jane Austen, Carl Sagan, Hamilton and more look delightful hanging on the walls of any book lovers’ home.

  1. Stephen King Book Planter

There are several book lovers who will have at least one Stephen King novel that they can’t put down. This indoor planter features three popular books made into a fascinating work of art. The planter looks perfect on a desk, shelf, table and even makes for an inviting centerpiece for your guests to enjoy.

  1. Mini Book Earrings

Teachers, writers, librarians, and book lovers will be presenting their style to the world with these adorable mini book earrings. The best part of this durable, lightweight piece of jewelry is that they are made to order. You can customize your style and color, plus there are actual pages to write on!

  1. Vintage Retro Library Book Lover “Due Date” Stamp

Book lovers did not develop overnight. It took years to discover how amazing books are, and somewhere in those years, we know you had or at least heard of a library “due date” stamp. This handmade wooden sign is on every avid reader, librarians, collectors, and book lovers gift list! This item will take anyone back to the days of spending hours in the library browsing all the delightful books.

  1. My Life Story Journal

Avid readers are always inspired to write. This journal has the potential to inspire writing and create a lasting family keepsake. Give this to the older generation of your friends and family and watch their eyes light up and they have the chance to tell their story beginning in the early years.

  1. Shakespearean Insults Chart

Book lovers know that there is always someone worthy of the name “a penurious and indubitate beggar.” This infographic is full of hilarious sayings, colorful insults and a perfect reference for all Shakespearean fans.

Book lovers love books; it’s that simple! This unique gift will give your book-loving friends a gift they will enjoy forever. And if you’re looking for other great gifts for book lovers, don’t forget to check out my creative reading inspired gifts at Book Lover’s Lark!

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